We deliver fresh, hot
and nourishing dinners for
people who are saving us!

Delivery in St.Petersburg
1 dinner: 5 euro
We work everyday from 12.00 pm to 11.00 pm
You help us to help doctors
5/5860 euro
How many donations
we received today/ in total
1/1172 dinners
How many hot dinners we cooked
today/ in total
10 hospitals
To how many hospitals we deliver
Why should we help?
About us and our mission

Yarumen is a Russian-Japanese restaurant startup launched in St. Petersburg in 2015. Its team came together in 2011 to organize a charity project to help victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. That is how the story of Yarumen started.
Today, we see our mission to help those who are saving us - doctors. As you all know, we are all suffering global pandemic. Many of us are sitting at home in order to support medical infrastructures. But this is not enough. The best our team can do - is to cook healthy and nourishing Japanese food. At the moment we cannot offer it to you, but you can help us to offer it to doctors.

You donate 5 euro or more
This is a price of one dinner with delivery - directly to one doctor

We prepare a dinner
We use Japanese ingredients and technologies; the nutritional value is calculated to fit the needs of an adult with a stressful work

Doctors receive food
We use an image of a female-doctor, because she is a real samurai in this fight
Elements that make up the price
we are working without profit and revealing the price formula
5 euro is
- coffee and sweets, delicious but not very healthy
- on-line game, funny but useless
- a hot nourishing dinner for a doctor
At least 100 dinners a day
To sustain the working cycle without big losses we need to prepare at least 100 portions a day. We are happy and ready to do much more: our production capacity is more than 1600 portions a day
Price formula
5% taxes
З0 % food cost/ package/ delivery
35 % rent
5% facilities
25 % labour
Number of doctors
There are about 50000 doctors and more than 60000 nurses in St. Petersburg. Everyday more and more of them are reprofiled to fight pandemic
Karaage Don - white rice with slices of deep-fried marinated chicken thighs, served with yakitori sauce, green onions, pickled ginger and roasted sesame seeds
Ramen Don - white rice with nori and three types of topping: pork, marinated egg and bamboo shoots. Served with signature sauce, green onions, pickled ginger and roasted sesame seeds
Yaki Udon - fried wheat noodles with vegetables (cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, onions) in a special vegetable sauce with stewed pork. Served with nori seaweed and pickled ginger
Japanese Curry - curry made of pork and vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots) with white rice
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